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MissXtreme Pee Hole Stretching

pee hole stretching PeeHole Torture Forced to Piss in her own Vagina
Forced Pissing with Foley Catheter. Extreme PeeHole Penetration
Sex Slave first time!.Her PeeHole is first stretched with Tools, then the Foley Catheter is used to fill her her bladder with 500CC! After she is forced to piss all over herself and to fill up her own speculum stretched vagina with the Pee. Nasty PeeHole movie, real screams from this first timer!

Foley catheter PeeHole Stretching Tortures

pee hole stretching with foley catheterMissXtreme Is a weird asian girl, who love all kind of extreme insertions,
Recently she started to stretch her peehole and urethra with a fully inflated foley catheter.
She push it right up, all the way into her bladder, inflate the balloonet, them rip the whole thing out.
First her bladder sphinter is getting the abuse, then she pull it out slowly all along, stretching her urethra.
Well, her Pee Hole ends up with a bloody mess and MissXtreme with a big satisfied smile on her face.
That is before she start inserting her surgical clamps, again all the way up into her bladder.
MissXtreme, for sure is one weird extreme pee hole insertion babe


Amazing Ty Pee Hole Stretching

Amazing Ty Peehole Stretching Insertions Yep, this is the girl that catually practice the fine art for Pee Hole gang-bang.
She is so stretched out it's like she have a second vagina. She can insert a full size dildo in her PeeHole.



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