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What are we going to pump and why? The areas that are usually pumped are the clitoris, the clitoral hood, vaginal labia (large and small), the entire genital area, the nipples or any combination of these. You may want to refer to a previous article on Male Vacuum Pumping for additional information regarding types of pumps and terminology. I dislike writing the same thing twice. I would much rather be playing. The biggest complaint that I have regarding equipment is that it is basically designed for men, hence the Lucite cylinders are too long. We ladies don't have cocks, and a nine-inch tube is a bit bulky for our purposes. Unfortunately, until the manufacturers start getting more requests, it's all we have to work with. There are several brands of small nipple pumps that work nicely on the clitoral area. One set by Rimba has two glass suction tubes that allow for a tiny rubber O-ring to be slid down over the pumped swollen clit and force it to remain erect. These come in a set of two, one for you and one for your girlfriend. Another alternative is to cut the rubber stopper from an eyedropper. You can place it directly over the clit area, pinch the top of the rubber and get a nice sensation while enlarging your clit. The fact that you can wear it under your clothes while walking around has its advantages as well.

Vacuum Pumping of the female genitals may be done for either play or modification purposes. Occasional usage will be play; long term and regimented use will result in permanent body modification. Pumping can be painful if done too quickly or with too much pressure, but it does not have to hurt at all. It can be sensuous, soft and sweet. It can be rough, rugged and rude. It can be anywhere in between. The person with the pump has the power. If you are pumping someone else, be certain that you do not go overboard. Also be certain that you are using the correct size vacuum cylinder for your purpose.

You will want to isolate the area to be pumped. Let's start with isolated clitoral pumping. The vacuum cylinder should be small enough to only encase the exposed clitoris. The smallest of nipple cylinders works quite well. You will need to retract the clitoral hood as much as possible and place the cylinder over the exposed clitoris. Lubricant or Vaseline coating the inside of the cylinder will help prevent the tissue from adhering to the Lucite and promote a better vacuum seal. Gently begin pumping. Go very slowly, one pound of pressure can be the difference between pleasure and pain. Watch closely as the clit begins to fill with blood and swell. It will begin to fill the clear tube, as the clit becomes larger than ever before. You can pump the clitoris separately or include the hood. It requires a certain anatomy to pump just the clitoral hood, it must be able to retract completely from the clitoris and most women are not good candidates. However the more that you practice and work at it, the easier it will be to do so. A young lady once confided in me that she wondered what it felt like to have a cock. I vacuum pumped her clit and hood using a three-inch long, 1/4 inch diameter tube. I released the cylinder from the hand pump, leaving the vacuum cylinder attached to her clit. I then wrapped the cylinder with an ace bandage. I topped the bandage off with a condom. When I told her to look down at herself, she saw what she had always wanted. She had a cute little "dick" that gave her intense sensations when it was stroked, sucked or fucked. If you are interested in permanently enlarging your clit and/or hood you will want to pump on a regular basis. A good regimen is 2-3 times a week for 10-20 minutes.

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Labial pumping requires a larger diameter cylinder, one that encompasses only the lips. DO NOT put the vacuum cylinder inside the lips, as the suction pressure inside the vagina is potentially dangerous. Keep the labia together, not spread. The labia, being hollow, pump up nice and plump. Simply put the lubricated cylinder on the labial area, being certain not to get the clit and hood as well. Pump until it feels nice and tight on the lips and leave it there for 10-20 minutes. If the sensation becomes too intense, decrease the pressure and then go to a more comfortable level. As the labia fill with blood and swell they tend to become more sensitive. Once the labia swells to the size that you want, the entrance into the vagina is going to be a bit constricted, because the lips will be almost swollen shut. Needless to say, this can produce some very interesting possibilities. Repeated use of the vacuum pump on the labia lips will produce permanently larger labia so be certain that you want to go there before you start pumping on a regular basis.

Vacuum Pumping of the entire genital region is accomplished with yet another larger diameter cylinder. Usually a two and a half to three inch diameter tube will work. Again, use lots of lube or Vaseline. It interferes with visibility during pumping but produces better results. Remember the above warning, keep the labia together before pumping to prevent excessive pressure in the vagina. Pump slowly and check to see that all of the area is encased in the cylinder. The swelling of the genitals is awesome to observe. The entire area grows and swells into a mammoth mound within the tube. It will become bright pink as well. The pressure will feel like your entire cunt is growing and throbbing. Cool, huh? I like to apply the vacuum and then release the pressure, again and again, rather like a sucking effect. When you are finished pumping you are going to have the most beautifully swollen, engorged pussy that you have ever seen. Over-pumping in a session may result in a major hickey on your genitals, but it disappears in time and is not a serious problem.

Nipples Vacuum Pumping Nipples are fun to pump and with a regular pumping program, you can enlarge yours dramatically. Follow the same procedures as given above and the correct size cylinders are very important. If you want to enlarge just the nipples, go with small cylinders slightly larger in diameter than the nipples. If you want to pump the entire aureola, then a tube of that diameter is best. If you get a "buddy connector", you can pump both nipples simultaneously. You can also pump with a girlfriend. It's so nice to share

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Piercings and pumping can be compatible, just be certain that your piercing is completely healed and healthy. If the pumping causes any piercing to be painful, remove the jewelry prior to pumping.


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